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Night of Heroes

St. Luke's Adult Level 1 Trauma Center Holds Seventh Annual 'A Night of Heroes'

New Venue at SteelStacks Returns St. Luke's to Community Roots!

Jeanine Patrick, RN, with
some of her rescuers

Bethlehem, PA (9/24/2011)
For the seventh year, St. Luke's honored EMS and health care providers for saving the lives of two patient heroes who overcame tremendous odds to recover from extremely traumatic injuries.

“Being able to hold this event at the SteelStacks represents St. Luke's returning home to the very community where the hospital began. St. Luke's was established by the Moravians to treat steel workers injured at Bethlehem Steel,” said Gail Wainwright, BSN, RN, NE-BC, Trauma Program Manager. “We are proud to honor the ‘patient heroes’ and the representative team of EMS and health care providers who helped save the lives of these two people.”

Jeannine Patrick Blaiki

As a nurse practitioner, Jeannine Patrick Blaiki was used to taking care of people every day. But on the fateful day of August 25, 2010, she turned from caregiver to trauma patient after being struck by a motor vehicle in front of her home. EMS transported her to St. Luke's Trauma Center where her condition was grim. She sustained what was thought to be a non-survivable brain injury. Trauma surgeon Michael Grossman, MD and surgical resident Raffaele Marchigiani, MD focused on the best plan for her traumatic brain injury with little hope of her returning to her former life. After spending nine days at St. Luke's and additional time at a rehabilitation facility, she returned home. Against the odds she recovered and returned to her job as a nurse practitioner less than six months after the accident.

Michael Teeling

June 24, 2010 was a normal afternoon for Michael Teeling, who had been out riding his all terrain vehicle (ATV) in New Jersey when he had a crash that changed his life. Teeling was flown to St. Luke's where Trauma Surgeon, William Hoff, MD and Emergency Medicine Resident, Jessica DelCollo, MD, treated him for brain, lung and orthopedic injuries. After nineteen days in the hospital, multiple procedures and subsequent rehabilitation, Michael returned home to his family.

“Success stories like Jeannine and Michael would not be possible without the best of care on-site at an accident scene, during transport and in the trauma bay,” said William Hoff, MD, Trauma Program Medical Director. “Mere moments may be the difference between life and death for our patients. From paramedics and 911 operators to the physicians, nurses and therapists who are committed to providing care for seriously injured patients, each holds a place of honor and earns gratitude from the thousands of patients saved each year.”

History of Honoring Patients and Caregivers

For the past seven years, St. Luke's has been honoring both patients and caregivers at A Night of Heroes. The event celebrates the caregivers who everyday dedicate themselves to saving lives, and the patients who often times beat the odds to survive. Each year, two families tell their stories during a video presentation, and members of the trauma team who touched these patients' lives are recognized and honored for their skill and dedication.

This year, St. Luke's Seventh Annual A Night of Heroes was held on Saturday, September 24th at ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks Campus, 101 Founders Way, Bethlehem and hosted nearly 600 attendees, including 75 heroes.

Special, surprise awards honored the following: Ric Baxter, MD was recognized with the Martin Cohen Trauma Humanitarian Award and Rev. Nancy Adams with the Charles D. Saunders Dedication to Trauma Award.

2011 Heroes Award Recipients

Listed below are the 2011 Heroes Award recipients (listed by hometown):

Hometown Heroes Award Recipients
  • Hope Brown, RRT
  • Laurie Wilson, PA-C


  • Nancy Adams, M.Div, BCC
  • Josh Onia, EMT-P
  • Sarai Resto
  • Jason Rubino, DO
  • Ross Silver, MD
  • Diana Tarone, RN
  • Anne Marie Verdiramo, CRNP, CNRN
  • Daniel Avery, III, MD
  • Patrick Brogle, MD
  • Travis Cobb, MD
  • Michele Genzlinger, DO
  • Jesse A.H. Kropf, MD
  • Paula Krzemien, MS, RD, CNSC, LDN
  • Raffaele Marchigiani, MD
  • Ryan Morcrette, RN
  • Claudia Morganello, RT(R)(CT)
  • Nancy Otero
  • Colleen Sprissler, RN
  • Christopher Stromski, MD
  • Linda Watsula, MSW, LSW
  • David Yen, MD


  • Marlene Noll, DPT

Bloomsbury, NJ

  • James Anderson, EMT
  • Alex Baguskis
  • Paul Beam, EMT
  • Travis Beatty
  • Jay Curtis, EMT
  • Dale Frankenfield
  • Theodore Krupnik, EMT-P
  • Kevin Paustian
  • James Takleszyn
  • Elizabeth Keller, CST

Center Valley

  • Sandra O'Rourke, COTA/L
  • Dominic Rachele, DMD


  • Jessica DelCollo, MD


  • Ric Baxter, MD
  • Hugh Moulding, MD, PhD
  • Kolleen Synder, RN


  • Jessica Shields, MSOTR/L


  • Carl Beers, EMT
  • Kathleen Fackenthal, MSCCC
  • Lorraine Lopez, BSN, RN
  • Matt Markle, NR-EMT-P
  • Stacey Minnella, RN
  • Timothy Werkheiser, EMT-P

Flemington, NJ

  • Charles Dean, EMT-P


  • Jeannine PatrickBlaiki, NP


  • Rebecca O'Donnell, RN

Hampton, NJ

  • Michael Teeling


  • John D'Allessandro


  • John David Black, MD
  • Adam Fuderer, RT
  • Alex Hart, MD
  • Kristine Heverly, RN

Jim Thorpe

  • Jacqueline Strohl, PharmD


  • Kerry Hunsicker, RT(R)(CT)


  • Kelsea Schlegel, RT


  • Christopher Danni, RN, BSN
  • Donna Drake, RN
  • Christopher Gazdick, BSN, RN, CEN
  • Christina Henninger, CCC/A
  • Mary Fran Lipinski, PA-C

Mt. Bethel

  • Christopher Finan, EMT


  • Otto Dreydoppel, Jr.
  • Katie Hayes
  • Ralph Lahr, RT
  • Brandy Mann
  • Tara Sakasits


  • Linda O'Connell, RN


  • Mark Kiser, RT(R)(CT)


  • Justine Maziuk, RN


  • Linda Walck, MSW


  • Daniel Lader, DMD

Wind Gap

  • Jay Sleight

The Night of Heroes concept began in 2005 at St. Luke's when trauma surgeon James Cipolla, MD and wife Dawn initiated the program in the Lehigh Valley area.