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    • Ten Years Caring for Wounds in Quakertown

Ten Years Caring for Wounds in Quakertown

St. Luke's Quakertown Wound Management Center Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Dr. Jay B. Fisher shares
great news with his patient
Pamela Kummer

Quakertown, PA (04/22/2010) - St. Luke's Wound Management Center – Quakertown, offers 10 years of experience as the first wound center in Upper Bucks County. Their experienced team of physicians and wound specialists have attracted international attention and have the ability to heal the most complicated and difficult wounds.

The care team at the St. Luke's Wound Management Centers consists of board-certified general surgeons; trauma surgeons; plastic and vascular surgeons; infectious disease physicians; orthopaedic surgeons; podiatrists and Certified Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses, as well as an experienced nursing staff and certified wound specialists.

Four St. Luke's Wound Care Centers

As the Wound Management Center continues to grow, a brand new center has opened at St. Luke's Hospital - Allentown Campus. Patients can now access one of four locations including:

“The certified wound specialists and experienced nursing staff at St. Luke's Wound Management Centers work with each patient for the best results possible for chronic or non-healing wounds resulting from diabetes, immobilization or circulatory problems,” said Jay B. Fisher, MD, board certified vascular surgeon and medical director. “Some of the wounds we treat, like diabetic foot ulcers, sores of the feet from lack of circulation or traumatic wounds, require treatment protocols to determine their cause. Patients may require vascular testing in our accredited vascular lab or state of the art endovascular suites. Only after determining the cause of the ulcer can the appropriate treatment protocol be offered.”

Making a Difference in Patients' Lives

Looking back over the past decade, physicians and staff reminisce about their experiences with patients and their families.

Danielle Hollinger, a resident of New Tripoli, first met Brent Bernstein, DPM, FACFAS, CWS in 2006 as a result of Charcot deformity in her right foot. Like many patients who lead an active lifestyle, it was difficult for Danielle to be put on restrictions so that her wounds could heal. Consequently, she revisited Dr. Bernstein in 2009 to have a bone in her foot removed. This time Danielle was ready to rest and cooperate. She underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy and is almost fully recovered.

Danielle comments, “The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. I trusted the staff and the doctors. At first I was afraid to undergo hyperbaric therapy but the staff made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process.”

Due to Danielle's wounds she was not able to keep all of her farm animals on her property. Nearing her full recovery, she is looking forward to getting her animals and her life back.

So what exactly is hyperbaric oxygen therapy? John Motko, RN, BS, CHRN, CWS, explains, “A patient is breathing 100% oxygen under pressure in the chamber. Treatments are typically 90 minutes long, five days a week, and are therapeutic in nature.” John continues, “The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help heal a wide variety of health conditions. Many diabetic patients find great success using this therapy to heal their wounds, however, we also see a large number of patients who underwent radiation and are having difficulty healing.”

The Wound Management Center treats a wide range of wounds and conditions. Pamela Kummer, of Doylestown, knows this better than anyone. Pamela suffered from varicose veins and a painful venous ulcer for numerous years. In 2008, the pain became unmanageable and Pamela met with Dr. Fisher. After blood work, ultrasound, conventional and laser surgery, and a skin graft, Pamela reflects on her experience with the St. Luke's team.

Pamela recollects, “I can not count how many people I interacted with at St. Luke's, but I can tell you that everyone was knowledgeable and accommodating to my needs. From the lab tech to the volunteers and surgeons, it was a great experience. The staff explained every procedure that I was going through.”

Pamela is excited to return to her love of hiking and swimming and is looking forward to spending time with her children and visiting them at college.

Like the patients who visit the Wound Management Center, referring physicians share in their confidence that excellence in care is a standard at St. Luke's.

Excellent Clinicians Paired with Advanced Technology

Joann Labiak, RN, BSN, CWOCN, CWS, Director of St. Luke's Wound Management Center comments, “In addition to excellent clinicians, patients have access to the latest in technology to diagnose underlying conditions that contribute to wounds not healing properly, and hyperbaric treatments are available at the Allentown Campus and St. Luke's Quakertown Hospital.”

“One of the services that sets St. Luke's apart from other wound centers is the coordination of services for wound patients,” said Labiak. “We help our patients manage their wounds, make appointments for vascular, radiology testing and lab work, and provide results at all of our centers. We make hyperbaric treatment appointments, provide access to durable medical equipment and help schedule home visits through the VNA of St. Luke's for patients who are homebound. We also work with long-term care facilities like nursing homes, as well as hospital admissions and oncology, infusion, emergency and surgical services to help patients more easily manage their respective conditions.”

Patients may refer themselves to St. Luke's wound centers if they have a wound that has not shown significant improvement in two weeks or has failed to completely heal in four weeks. Patients should also work with family physicians or other specialists for referrals.

Patients can seek care of their wounds with confidence knowing that the largest wound care center in the region is there to support them.

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