Student Support Services

Student Support Services

St. Luke's School of Nursing provides students with academic advice designed to assist in completing the requirements for the curriculum.

Student Support Services

Advisement Program

The Advisement Program serves as a resource students can access for information, advice, accurate direction regarding policies, procedures, regulations and academic/professional requirements. The program facilitates positive relationships between students and professionals.

Tutoring Services for Nursing Courses

Tutoring services are designed to provide students with the assistance they need to successfully complete requirements for a diploma in nursing, at no cost to students. Tutoring is provided by nursing students who have completed the course(s) in which they are providing assistance. Requests for tutoring are made through the Coordinator, Student Services.

Test Success Program

Test Success is a noncredit, voluntary program for students enrolled in 
Nursing 1.  The purpose of the test success program is to establish a formalized
method for students to learn test-taking strategies, test anxiety reduction and classroom skills.  Improvement in students’ test taking skills and grades are anticipated outcomes.

Alumni Association

Membership in the St. Luke's School of Nursing Alumni Association is open to all graduates of the school. The association promotes continuous professional growth and supports the philosophy and objectives of St. Luke's School of Nursing. The Alumni Association gives awards to graduates at commencement and sponsors a scholarship fund for continued undergraduate and graduate studies for association members.

Contact Your Alumni Association

Calling all St. Luke's School of Nursing Alumni!  Stay in touch!  Send the Alumni Association a message to update your mailing address or name change.

We need you to be involved in the St. Luke's School of Nursing Alumni Association.

How you can help:

  • Mentor a current student
  • Serve as a "shadow" nurse
  • Attend alumni functions
  • Speak at special events
  • Serve on the alumni board
  • Make a donation

Pay it Forward Endowed Scholarship Fund

Auxiliary of St. Luke's University Hospital

The Auxiliary of St. Luke's University Hospital is a strong supporter of the school. It provides financial support for the general welfare, education, recreation and cultural pursuits of students. The auxiliary has a scholarship program and presents awards to graduates at commencement.