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Airway Surgery

Airway Surgery

Tracheal Resection

Surgery on the trachea can be required for various reasons, including:

  • A primary tumor of the airway.
  • Narrowing of the airway that occurs after a person has been on a breathing machine with a breathing tube in place for an extended period of time. The breathing tube can cause damage to the airway and once the tube is removed the airway heals by forming abnormal scar tissue that can ultimately led to blockage of the airway.

The management of these types of problems requires someone with specialized training in this area. The thoracic surgeons at St. Luke's have such experience and deal with airway problems on a regular basis. There are many different management options to deal with these types of problems and a consultation with a St. Luke's thoracic surgeon can identify the best one for your particular situation.

Endobronchial Tumor Debridement

Tumors that arise primarily in the airway or grow into the airway from surrounding tissues such as the lung or lymph nodes are referred to as endobronchial tumors. These types of tumors can then sometimes block the central airways and patients can develop symptoms such as difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or coughing up blood. In theses situations, the portion of the tumor that is blocking the airway needs to removed or debrided so the patient can breath more easily while they continue with their treatment. This type of procedure requires special equipment and specific expertise by a thoracic surgeon, both of which are available at St. Luke's.

Airway Stents

Airway tumors can sometimes be managed with special designed tubes that are placed in the airway to prevent blockage of the airway from tumor. The thoracic surgeons at St. Luke's have a variety of stents available to treat this problem. A thoracic surgeon or interventional pulmonologist can determine the need for an airway stent.