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Air Leaks

Air Leaks

Persistent air leaks (air leaking from your lung longer than five days ) rarely develop after lung surgery. Generally, if this develops, it does not have to keep you in the hospital. Sometimes you can be discharged home with a small tube still in your chest. The chest tube is then connected to one of the devices listed below. These compact devices are used to collect any fluid that might drain and evacuate the air from the chest.

  • Pneumostat 
  • Express Mini 

Novel Device Now Available at St. Luke's

There is a novel device now available at St. Luke’s for the management of prolonged air leaks called the Spiration IBV Valve System. It is a device that is placed into the airway to help seal a patient’s air leak and allow the lung tissue to heal quicker. Placement of the valve does require a minor bronchoscopic procedure. The thoracic surgeons at St. Luke’s have undergone specialty training to obtain the proper credentials that are needed to place these valves. Visit to learn more about how the valve functions along with important patient information.