St. Luke's Internal Medicine Service

Internal Medicine-Hospitalists

St. Luke's Internal Medicine Service (Hospitalists)

Allentown Campus, Anderson Campus, Bethlehem CampusMiners Campus

Main Office

St. Luke's University Hospital
801 Ostrum Street
North Wing 459
Bethlehem, PA 18015
484-526-4658 (fax)


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Upon admission to the hospital, St. Luke's Internal Medicine Hospitalist Service will work with your primary care physician to care for you. We are comprised of a group of physicians and advanced practitioners who care only for patients during their stay in the hospital (we do not see patients in an outpatient setting). A member of our team will see you each day of your hospital stay. At the time of discharge, we provide your primary care physician with important medical information pertaining to your hospital stay.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. A provider is on-call 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. If you need assistance when our office is closed, please ask the hospital nursing staff to contact our on-call provider.

You can reach our office at 484-526-6643.

Office Staff

Wendy Lazo, Director
Christina Musser, Practice Administrator
Nancy Dale, Practice Support Associate
James Buskirk, Billing Clerk


The following physicians support St. Luke's University Hospital - Bethlehem Campus and St. Luke's Hospital - Anderson Campus:

Dr. Muriam Afzal

 Muriam Afzal, MD

Dr. Mathai Chalunkal

Mathai Chalunkal, MD

Dr. Ardeth Copeland

Ardeth Copeland, MD

Dr. George Daoud

George Daoud, DO

Dr. Richard Garwood

Richard Garwood, DO

Dr. Jeena Jacob

Jeena Jacob, MD

Dr. Prabhjot Kalsi

Prabhjot Kalsi, MD

Dr. Wilfredo Lukban

Wilfredo Lukban, MD

Dr. Charlie Luong

Charlie Luong, DO

Dr. Elizabeth Mathew

Elizabeth Mathew, MD

Dr. Jessica Mehring

Jessica Mehring, DO

Dr. Hetul Mehta

Hetul Mehta, DO

Dr. Nitin Patel

Nitin Patel, MD

Dr. Alpiniano Pintor

Alpiniano Pintor, MD

Dr. Justin Psaila

Justin Psaila, MD

Dr. Ravindar Reddimallu

Ravinder Reddimallu, MD

Dr. Roje Saleet

Roje Saleet, MD

Dr. Santh Silparshetty

Santh Silparshetty, MD

Dr. Xiaoyan Zhang

Xiaoyan Zhang, MD



The following physicians support St. Luke's Hospital - Allentown Campus:

Dr. Marissa Ambron

Marissa Ambron, DO

Dr. Wayne Howard

A. Wayne Howard, DO

Dr. Kevin Perez

Kevin Perez, MD

Dr. Victor Powers

Victor Powers, MD



The following physicians support St. Luke's Hospital - Miners Campus:

Dr. Michael Jusinski

Michael Jusinski, MD

Dr. Michael Sabol

Michael Sabol, DO


Advanced Practitioners

Bethlehem, Anderson and Allentown Campuses

Miners Campus

The following advanced practitioners support the BethlehemAnderson and Allentown campuses:

  • Ainchaibeh, Roula, PA-C
  • Diehl, Kelly, CRNP
  • Engle, Jocelyn, PA-C
  • Green, Lenore, CRNP
  • Hartman, Nichole, CRNP
  • Iasiello, Annette, PA-C
  • Kamp, Elizabeth, PA-C
  • Lakatos, Kelley, PA-C
  • Martin, Nicole, PA-C
  • Mercado, Melissa, PA-C
  • Schwartz, Marisa, CRNP
  • Senick, Tama, PA-C
  • Stoudt, Lauren, PA-C
  • Smith, Meredith, PA-C
  • Wachnik, Monica, PA-C
  • Whitney, Larissa, PA-C
  • Williams, Dana, CRNP

The following practitioner supports the Miners Campus:

  • Jaime Mendolia, PA-C