St. Luke's University Health Network

Allied Health Students - Program Director

School Program Director Internship Process for Allied Health Students

  • Read Step 1, then receive all student's required materials outlined in the Allied Health Student Intern Section.
  • School Program Directors verify all materials are complete and meeting St. Luke's Standards by completing and signing the Verification Form (step 7). This is a legal contract in which you take full ownership of the student's materials.
  • Faxed and Scanned copies will no longer be acceptable.
  • Paperwork not submitted or incomplete within the 2 week timeframe will not be accommodated.
  • Find answers to your questions regarding Criminal Histories (Step 2), Immunization Histories (step 3), Drug Screen Requirements Students (Step 4 ), TB Questionnaire (Step 5) and Hepatitis B (Step 6)
  • All questions should be referred to the hosting St. Luke's Hosting Department. Inquiries regarding Criminal Histories, Immunizations or Drug Screens can be emailed to:

Steps To Be Completed


Guidelines for Processing Interns (updated 7/6/2015)
(view the Intern Flow Chart)

  • Please read the attached for an explanation on processing student interns.

Students assigned to the Warren Campus will need to meet these additional requirements:

In addition to meeting the Network requirements, the State of New Jersey has additional requirements which include:

  • NJ Department of Treasury (SDN) 
  • NJ Consolidated Debarment Report 
  • Those students with a significant likelihood of contact with children must also complete New Jersey State Police Criminal History Check. The required form is provided to the student by the Warren Campus hosting manager. To complete the form in the proper format, follow the instructions in the attachment.

Criminal Background Investigation Report

  • If a criminal history is reported on the FBI Fingerprint Report, Child Abuse Clearance or PA State Police Criminal Background Check, please print this form and have the student complete and mail, along with all original criminal history reports, to the St. Luke's University Hospital - Bethlehem Campus Volunteer Services Department.

Immunization History Form  (updated 05/22/2014)

  • This form outlines the St. Luke's health history requirements which are to be kept on file at the school.
  • It is important to note that all students are to have the most current, annual flu shot during flu season. Only religious or medical exemptions will be considered and should be submitted by completing the appropriate form (religious exemption form; medical exemption form) along with the other required documentation and verification form. School program directors will be notified if the exemption is approved. Exemptions not approved will require the student to either have the flu shot or their internship will not be approved.
  • For those with questions regarding new flu requirement, please review this FAQ developed by our Employee Health Department.

Drug Screen Requirements

  • St. Luke's requires a five-panel drug screen on all student interns as explained in the attachment.
  • If the school does not have a method of providing drug screening, drug screen services are available through St. Luke’s Occumed Resources located at St. Luke’s North. Please contact Donna Corsi at 484-526-3769 for further information or to set up an account.


TB Questionnaire

  • Please print the attached form and provide to students who have had a positive TB test in the past. This form, along with a clear chest x-ray and/or BAMT (Blood Assay Mycobacterium Tuberculosis) test, should be kept with the student's medical file.

Hepatitis B Declination Form

  • Having the Hepatitis B series is strongly recommended for students completing an internship at St. Luke’s, but is not required. Should a student decline the vaccine, the attached form should be completed and kept on file with their medical history.

Record Verification for Student Interns (updated 07/01/2014)

  • Please print the attachment and return to the St. Luke's University Hospital - Bethlehem Campus Volunteer Services Department along with the Registration, Student Volunteer Instructor Research Consent & Release Agreement and Commitment to Privacy Forms.
7b. Warren Campus Student Verification Form (updated 07/01/2014)
  • Please return the Registration, Commitment to Privacy form, Record Verification form and Student Volunteer Instructor Research Consent and Release form to:
    Volunteer Services Department
    St. Luke's University Hospital - Bethlehem Campus
    801 Ostrum Street
    Bethlehem, PA 18015
  • Postal mail required forms for students assigned to the Warren Campus to:
    Mary-Beth Smith
    St. Luke's Warren Campus
    185 Roseberry Street
    Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
  • Incomplete materials will not be accepted, which may delay your student intern's start date.