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Hospice Endowment

Continuing the Journey:
A Campaign for Hospice Endowment

Since 1986, St. Luke's Hospice has cared for countless patients and their loved ones, providing compassionate end-of-life care and support for grieving families. While many people don't want to think about dying, it is a very real part of life. Hospice helps patients and families find meaning and peace in one of the most difficult and challenging times in their lives. Hospice provides strength when it is needed most. St. Luke's Hospice is committed to providing this service even in the face of declining reimbursements. The value of hospice care is reaffirmed as each patient and each family face the inevitable journey with dignity, strength and hope.

How Can I Help

St. Luke's invites you to consider a gift to Continuing the Journey: A Campaign for Hospice Endowment, a three year fundraising campaign to secure $1.5 million to add to the existing Hospice Endowment. A strong and healthy endowment will allow us to sustain the end-of-life services we provide to our patients and their families regardless of the ebb and flow of reimbursement streams.

Your gift to Continuing the Journey: A Campaign for Hospice Endowment will help to ensure that hospice staff and volunteers will continue to provide each patient and family member with the physical, emotional and spiritual support needed to approach end-of-life and the grieving process that follows with dignity and wholeness.

What the Hospice Endowment Supports

Operating support for the Hospice House on Black River Road

The services offered at St. Luke's Hospice House are especially meaningful to patients who have no family to care for them, as well as patients whose pain or overall care cannot be easily managed at home. With no where else to turn, St. Luke's Hospice House becomes a home away from home for patients who, for whatever reason, cannot remain in their own homes.

Support for bereavement programs

Helping families grieve in a way that provides wholeness and closure is a significant piece of the hospice program. Hospice offers a variety of programs and support groups that help individuals through the grief process. Walking through Grief” – a walking group, “Loss, Grief & Books to Help you Cope” – a book club and “What's Next” – a support group are some examples of programs geared toward helping families copies with grief.

Support for the ongoing professional development of hospice nurses, counselors and volunteers

It takes a special person to work at St. Luke's Hospice. Hospice nurses, counselors and volunteers are caring, compassionate individuals who play a critical role in helping patients and their families honor the meaning of their life, articulate their last wishes, and prepare for the end of their life's journey.

Support to meet the special and unique needs of our patients and their families

Sometimes caring for a patient and their family involves meeting unexpected needs, such as purchasing their burial suit or a special food item.

Download and print this Hospice Endowment material.

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