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Children and Teens

Children and Teens

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Your Ryan's Tree friends will not take the place of the friends and family already in your life, they'll be a new addition to your circle of friends - the people you trust!

Ryan’s Tree offers a safe place for sharing and learning. When you attend Ryan’s Tree, you will join other children and teenagers who are also dealing with the death of a friend or family member.

At your first session, you will be introduced to each other along with the adults who will lead the group activities. You will also be introduced to what Ryan’s Tree is about. Some participants will be attending their first session while others may have already participated in the past. You all have similar needs and will help each other to heal through listening and supporting one another.

No matter if you have already been to Ryan’s Tree or not, everyone has had someone special to them die and can understand what you are going through. You help one another at Ryan’s Tree by listening and caring about each other.

  • In this group, it is ok to say the name of the person who has died and to tell stories about them and remember them.
  • Each session will introduce you to new activities to help you express your feelings, create meaningful memories and identify the people you can turn to when you need someone.
  • Depending on your age, activities will vary but will include discussion, art, music, movement and physical release.
  • Being surrounded by kids your age who have also lost someone lets you begin building new friendships. These friends will be there for you during your journey to help you from being alone, even if you are lonely.