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Heart Surgery at St. Luke's

Team Approach to Heart and
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 to cardiovascular conditions at
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James Layton of Quakertown praises his
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who cared for him. Learn more.

Thousands of heart surgeries are performed every day in the United States. Modern medicine allows for heart surgery with the advances of a heart-lung machine, which takes over the heart during surgery, and body cooling techniques, which allow time for surgery without causing brain damage.

During heart surgery, a highly trained group works as a team including:

  • Cardiovascular surgeon - the head of the surgery team and performs the key parts of the surgery.
  • Assisting surgeons – take direction from the cardiovascular surgeon
  • Cardiovascular anesthesiologist - gives medicines that make the patient sleep during the surgery (anesthesia) and monitors the ventilator during surgery
  • Perfusion technologist - runs the heart-lung machine
  • Cardiovascular nurses - nurses specially trained to assist in heart surgery

Many kinds of surgery are now performed on the heart and blood vessels including:

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