Center for Aortic Disease

Center for Aortic Disease

Physicians in the St. Luke’s Aortic Disease Center at St. Luke’s Hospital & Health Network offer comprehensive care for patients with aortic conditions. We provide expert care including diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, and follow-up to manage all aspects of patients with aortic disease.

Advanced Imaging

Patients of the Center for Aortic Disease benefit from state-of-the-art imaging to provide precise diagnostic information and image-guided therapy, including:


Patients with an identified aneurysm are monitored, usually with computed tomography (CT) imaging. A decision to intervene is based on the patient’s symptoms, the absolute size of the aneurysm, and the rate of enlargement.

Advanced Treatment Options

Surgeons offer a full range of treatment options tailored to the requirements of each patient. They offer complex surgical repair of all segments of the aorta. Advanced techniques are used in procedures to make them as safe as possible and reduce the risk of complications.

Let St. Luke’s Care for You or a Loved One

Any patient who has symptoms of, or is at risk for, aortic disease, who has a family history of certain connective tissue diseases, such as Marfan Syndrome, or who has a history of aortic valve disease may be referred to the Center for expert evaluation and management.