Emergency Room at St. Luke's Warren Campus

Emergency Room at St. Luke’s Warren Campus

St. Luke’s Warren Campus
185 Roseberry Street
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

You never know where you’ll be when an emergency happens. It’s something most people don’t even want to think about.

At a baseball game. Warren Story Read the story...
At a baseball game. Warren Story
It was a beautiful day for my son’s baseball game... bottom of the ninth, two outs, fly ball to centerfield. Anxious to catch the final out, my son and his teammate collided! It was scary. Fortunately, St. Luke’s Warren Campus was nearby. We’re all thankful for the experts in St. Luke’s Emergency Room!

But know this, there’s a St. Luke’s Emergency Room always nearby... always ready for you – close to home or wherever you are when you need us most.

Here’s what choosing St. Luke’s Warren Campus means to you:

  • High patient satisfaction - Our ER frequently ranks in the 99th percentile nationally in terms of patient satisfaction with their physicians.
  • Short wait times - The time a patient enters the ER waiting room until the time he or she is seen by a physician, typically ranges from just 20-35 minutes.
  • Extensive experience - The ER clinical staff is highly qualified with extensive experience in treating severely ill and injured patients.

By choosing any one of our six St. Luke’s Emergency Rooms, you can rest-assured that you will always receive the highest level of care for yourself and your loved ones. As a network, we are able to easily share information and expertise between our hospitals and our physician practices to provide you with the best emergency care possible.

Don’t wait – let others know St. Luke’s is your choice...when it matters most!

When a medical emergency strikes, you're in good hands with the ER physicians at St. Luke's Warren Campus. Our highly trained Emergency Room (ER) doctors are ranked among the top 3 percent in the nation in terms of patient satisfaction and you have access to them around the clock.

What to Take to the ER

It is very important to let the ER doctors know what drugs you have been prescribed as well as any over-the-counter medications you take on a regular basis. Herbs, vitamins, aspirins and prescription medications interact in ways that often cause dramatic reactions. In order to treat you most effectively, your doctors will need to know what you take routinely as well as what you have taken recently. Try to keep an updated list on hand for emergencies.

Here's what you can expect from St. Luke's Warren Campus’ ER:

  • Immediate assessment of your condition by a registered nurse. Severely ill or injured patients move to the head of the line.
  • Greatly reduced waiting times. Our average time from assessment to evaluation by a physician is just 20 minutes. Patients who are able to return home spend, on average, under two hours in the ER; patients who must be admitted are in their rooms in about four hours.
  • Certified emergency nurses with specialized training in pediatrics, trauma and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).
  • A trained sexual assault nurse providing care and support in a private treatment room.
  • A decontamination room for those exposed to harmful or toxic substances.
  • A full array of hospital services for your complete care, including the most technologically advanced radiology services in the area, complete laboratory and pathology services, and respiratory and other specialized services.

Intensive Care Unit

For patients who are seriously ill and in need of constant attention, our Intensive Care Unit offers round-the-clock medical supervision and skilled nursing. At St. Luke's Warren Campus, we have an intensivist (a physician who specialized in critical care) on staff and highly trained nurses monitoring these patients 24 hours-a-day.