St. Luke's University Health Network

Minority Health Initiatives

Minority Health Initiatives

While our national health care reform efforts proceed, our local efforts will continue to utilize a partnership approach to addressing the access-to-care needs of our uninsured/disconnected and minority community members. Our efforts continue, family by family, to connect them to health insurance coverage and a primary care provider. At each access point which includes all of the Bethlehem Partnership for a Healthy Community  initiatives, insurance coverage and accessibility is addressed with appropriate support and referrals offered. In addition, advocacy to avoid or eliminate delays in obtaining health care are a routine part of our daily work.


Community Health Center Network

The Bethlehem Partnership strongly supports the Neighborhood Health Centers of the Lehigh Valley with their goal of establishing a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in the Lehigh Valley.

Access to Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Services

The Partnership is committed to impacting the language and cultural needs in a manner that addresses the requirements of our increasingly diverse community. One of our many programs that continues each year is that the Bethlehem Area School District (BASD) Donegan Family Center staff continues to provide medical interpretation services at the St. Luke's Family Practice located in the school. This service alone directly improves the visit for both family and provider.

Medical Insurance/Access to Care Project

Helping families connect to care and insurance coverage remains a challenge for the Partnership. The majority of referrals for assistance come through our outreach efforts with the mobile vans and community based clinics. While our department handles all referrals that come through us directly, our partners also support families during their daily work. For example, the St. Luke's Family Practice at Donegan Fowler Family Center has staff that supports our clinical patients when appling for appropriate programs/services. Families that enter in through the Bethlehem Health Bureau are also supported individually.

Bethlehem Partnership Annual BASD Minority Award

In an effort to promote educational opportunities for minorities, the Bethlehem Partnership supports a scholarship for the BASD's Minority Senior Awards ceremony. This past year, the Bethlehem Partnership for a Healthy Community Scholarship was awarded to Lilia Bonilla at Freedom High School. She started attending attend Cedar Crest College in the Fall of 2011.