IORT for Breast Cancer

INTRABEAM Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) for Breast Cancer

INTRABEAM® IORT technology now available at St. Luke's Anderson Campus spares some women with early stage breast cancer weeks of radiation therapy. Fewer than 50 sites nationwide offer this advanced radiation therapy.

IORT is appropriate for select patients with early stage breast cancer who are candidates for breast-conserving surgery. Using low-energy X-rays, INTRABEAM is precisely administered to the tumor bed following lumpectomy before the incision is closed.

Some early breast cancers may be treated with only a single treatment, while other breast cancers may require additional standard radiation therapy, but over a shorter time period. In either case, if women are candidates for IORT, they get back to their life quicker.

Before IORT, women with early stage breast cancer were required to first undergo surgery to remove the tumor, followed by a 5 to 6 week course of radiation.

For more information, or to learn if you are eligible for IORT, call St. Luke's HOPE Line at 484-503-HOPE (4673).