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Innovations and Partial Hospitalization Services

Partial Hospital Program / Innovations

Partial Hospital Program

This program is offered at:
1107 Eaton Avenue
Bethlehem, PA 18018
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Individuals who may need additional support and are experiencing difficulty adjusting and/or coping because of severe stressful situations and life changing events may require a more structured, intensive service. The Innovations Partial Hospital Program provides groups, music therapy and individual services through which adults can gain the strength and psychosocial support they need to regain confidence in their day to day lives. We also offer a co-occurring disorders therapy group to assist individuals who have both mental health and substance abuse concerns.

Innovations is designed to be “short-term” – individuals usually spend an average of seven to 10 days in the program – and is offered as an alternative to hospitalization if the individual can actively participate in treatment or as a “step-down” from the inpatient setting to help in the transition back into the community.

Referrals to Innovations can be made by calling 484-526-3838. Most insurances are accepted. The program is located at our Bethlehem office at 1107 Eaton Avenue (Maps & Directions). Transportation available upon request.

Intensive Outpatient Services/Innovations

Innovations also offers an Intensive Outpatient program for those patients who are working quickly toward their treatment goals and are able to transition from the PHP five-day-a-week model to a three-day-a-week IOP treatment care model. This option is based on both treatment team and insurance provider consensus.

Online Mental Health Resource

Visit, an online resource for information about mental health. Learn about the signs of mental illness, how to seek help and how communities can host conversations about mental health. Watch videos from people who share their stories about mental illness, recovery and hope.