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The Honorary Chairs

Dr. Charles & Sheila Saunders

Dr. Charles & Sheila Saunders
We greatly appreciate being named the Honorary Chairpersons of St. Luke's 103rd Charity Ball to benefit St. Luke's Center for Positive Aging. As modern medicine continues to evolve, people are living longer lives than they have in the past. Along with these medical changes and advances comes the need to know how best to care for people as they age and to provide them with the services and resources to enjoy a high quality of life. As we age, we not only develop multiple complex medical conditions but also must deal with the social and economic issues not previously anticipated.

We applaud St. Luke's for their comprehensive approach to caring for the whole person - evaluating and caring for psychological, social and medical needs. It is an admirable feat for St. Luke's to embrace caring for older adults and to play a prominent role in focusing on the programs and services necessary to care for the growing number of older adults in our community.

This will be our 40th Charity Ball and we continue to admire and be grateful for the phenomenal work the Auxiliary of St. Luke's University Hospital does, not only with this, their signature event, but with all of their programs throughout the year. Much of what we provide to St. Luke's patients and our community is made possible through the support and contributions of the Auxiliary.

Many important geriatric programs receive minimal or no reimbursement. Philanthropy is necessary if we are to continue to assess the needs of older adults and ensure that they lead productive and satisfying lives. We express our sincere gratitude to St. Luke's University Health Network, the Auxiliary and our sponsors for your commitment to the St. Luke's Center for Positive Aging.

The Honorary Chairperson Circle was created to celebrate the spirit of St. Luke’s University Hospital and to pay tribute to our Honorary Chairs. The Circle is also a way for community members to show their commitment to a cause that is near and dear to their hearts through the Charity Ball. Please contact Lori Coursen at 484-526-3057 if you have questions or would like to become a Circle member.