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    • Expert Presents Promising Clinical Trial Data and Co-Authors Clinical Practice Guideline on Melanoma

Expert Presents Promising Clinical Trial Data and Co-Authors Clinical Practice Guideline on Melanoma

St. Luke's Melanoma Expert Presents Promising Clinical Trial Data and Co-Authors Clinical Practice Guideline on Melanoma

Sanjiv Agarwala, MD presents top-line results of Phase 2 clinical Trial of PV-10 for melanoma and Co-authors evidence-based melanoma guideline to be used worldwide

Dr. Sanjiv Agarwala

Sanjiv Agarwala, MD

Bethlehem, PA (10-8-2012) - Dr. Sanjiv Agarwala, Chief of Medical Oncology and Hematology for St. Luke's University Health Network, recently authored and presented final top-line results from the Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Provectus Pharmaceutical’s PV-10 therapy for metastatic melanoma at the 2012 European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) meeting in Vienna, Austria.

An internationally recognized melanoma investigator, Dr. Agarwala served as the principal investigator for the Phase 2 Trial. The data addressed the sustained high response rate achieved among trial participants with accessible cutaneous lesions, confirming previously reported trends from preliminary data.

“PV-10 appears to be selectively toxic to cancer cells via chemoablation, and also to produce a bystander effect where it elicits an immune response causing spontaneous regression of nearby melanoma tumors that haven’t been injected,” says Dr. Agarwala. “These results further confirm the robust response that can be achieved with PV-10 that was first seen in a preliminary report presented in 2010 in 20 patients. The study showed that the patients who respond do better and live longer.”

In other news, Dr. Agarwala serves as a co-author of the joint clinical practice guideline “Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy for Melanoma” recently put out by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO). This is the definitive evidence-based guideline for sentinel lymph node evaluation in melanoma to help determine prognosis and spread of disease that will be applied worldwide.

About Dr. Agarwala

Dr. Agarwala is an internationally recognized investigator in the field of melanoma and immunotherapy. He presents nationally and internationally on melanoma and is a member of the Melanoma Core Committee of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG). In addition, he is a Professor of Medicine, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Agarwala has published a variety of therapeutic approaches to melanoma and has led promising clinical trials in immunotherapy and targeted therapy of melanoma. He co-authored the book “Melanoma: Translational Research and Emerging Therapies” to help bridge the gap between research and clinical approaches to melanoma therapy.

About PV-10

Provectus Pharmaceutical’s novel oncology drug PV-10 is a proprietary treatment designed to selectively target and destroy cancer cells without harming surrounding healthy tissue, significantly reducing potential for systemic side effects. PV-10 is an injectable formulation of Rose Bengal, a compound that has been in use for decades by ophthalmologists to assess damage to the eye. It has also been used as an intravenous diagnostic to detect ailments of the liver.

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