St. Luke's Health and Fitness Centers

Defined as making steady progress to flourish. At St. Luke’s Health & Fitness Centers, our mission is centered around the concept of THRIVE.

  • Teaching
  • Healthy
  • Routines and
  • Increasing
  • Vitality through
  • Exercise

Within fitness centers, you often see individuals exercising and not accomplishing their goals. Year in and year out, their results are minimal, and often they are falling further behind.

At St. Luke’s Health & Fitness Centers, we help our clients achieve their goals and feel fantastic!

Our staff helps our clients to define exactly what is needed to THRIVE and work towards their goals to THRIVE.

Nutrition to THRIVE

At St. Luke's Health & Fitness Centers, we know that the bottom line for a member's success is a balance of exercise and healthy nutrition. Our unique healthy eating concepts encourage plenty of non-starch vegetables, lean protein, fruits and incorporating healthy fats. Our program participants thrive on eating these whole foods resulting in lean, fit bodies with outstanding energy levels.