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Bariatric Surgical Statistics

All surgeries have risks and benefits, including bariatric surgery. St. Luke's is proud to have surgical statistics that far exceed the national average. The chart below shows how St. Luke's excels in key areas like length of hospital stay, mortality and readmission/reoperation rates. For example, the national average for length of stay (how long you will be in the hospital) is 2.4 days. St. Luke's Weight Loss Surgery Program averages just 1.3 days. Less time in the hospital equals a faster, easier recovery.

St. Luke's vs. National Average Bariatric Performance Chart



Surgeons at
St. Luke's


Hospital Length-of-

Gastric Bypass 1.4 days 2.4 days

Adjustable Gastric Band

0.8 days 0.74 days

Sleeve Gastrectomy

1.3 days 2.21 days

30-Day Mortality

Gastric Bypass

0% 0.14%

Adjustable Gastric Band

0% 0.03%

Sleeve Gastrectomy

0% 0.18%

Readmission Rate

All 3 2.3% 3.11%
Reoperation Rate
All 3 1.0% 1.33%

* Data as of 12/31/2013

** BOLD – Bariatric Outcomes Longitudinal Database, a national database of clinical bariatric surgery information. Figures represent data reported in March 2010 on over 80,000 consented patients.