St. Luke's Bariatric Services

My Weight is Over Newsletter

Choosing bariatric surgery is a significant, life-changing decision. At St. Luke's we realize it's vitally important to stay connected and well-informed throughout the weight-loss journey. Our hope is for you to achieve your weight-loss goal following surgery and to also improve your overall health and well-being in the process. Through the St. Luke's Bariatric Services newsletter, we'll be posting current, useful information right here to help you do just that. You can read about healthful topics that will help guide you through each step of your weight loss. Our team of health care experts will teach you how to:

  • Better manage stress
  • Help you understand sources of depression
  • Choose more nutritious foods
  • Incorporate effective exercises into your everyday routine

You will also read stories of inspiration - real-life accounts from people like you whose lives have changed dramatically following their weight loss surgery.

Your success following weight loss surgery is important to us, and this resource will be here to help you achieve your goal and sustain your weight loss each step of the way.

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