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Bereavement Support

Help with the Grieving Process at St. Luke's

Bereavement journeys are as unique as relationships

Grief is the natural response to a loss. We grieve the loss of objects, relationships, physical health and, of course, the death of a loved one. Bereavement is the act of processing grief. Bereavement journeys are as unique as relationships. There is no formula to follow and no timetable to measure against. This is why we often feel alone in our grief. However, grieving individuals share common ground including a range of emotional reactions, dealing with well-meaning family and friends, and living through holidays and special occasions.

After the loss of a loved one, it is common to need support and understanding from others who have also experienced loss. Coping with the death of someone you love is difficult, no matter what the cause and no matter what the relationship.

Hospice bereavement support and guidance is available for family members, caregivers and friends impacted by death, regardless of whether their loved one has died in our hospice program. Recognizing that we grieve as whole people, our services are holistic in approach to develop and practice lifelong coping strategies. Since everyone copes with loss in their own way, we offer a variety of programs which include monthly newsletters, services of remembrance, educative support groups for adults and children, physical movement and book discussion support groups that address bereavement related topics, individual counseling for adults and older teens and presentations on special seasonal topics. St. Luke's Hospice bereavement programs are a community resource to anyone dealing with grief issues.


A monthly newsletter is mailed to family members for thirteen months after a hospice patient's death. It contains information about support groups and articles to help with bereavement. If your loved one was in the St. Luke's Hospice program, you will begin receiving the newsletter after their death. Anyone who has lost a loved one who was not in the hospice program may be added to the mailing list.

Support Groups

For Adults

Support groups are offered in Carbon, Lehigh and Bucks counties. Topics vary from week-to-week and are determined by the needs and concerns of individuals attending the group. Most groups require pre-registration.

Loss, Grief & Life Transition Support Group

This group runs for six consecutive weeks and a commitment to attend all six weeks is expected in order to create a cohesive group experience for all participants. Each week the discussion focuses on bereavement-related topics as well as personal concerns of group members.

  • 1941 Hamilton Street, Allentown 
  • First Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem  
  • Hospice House, 2455 Black River Road, Bethlehem 
  • 777 Blakeslee Boulevard, Lehighton 
  • 1021 Park Avenue, Quakertown 

“What's Next” in Bereavement Support Group

Recognizing that grief is an on-going journey, one that continually asks us to adapt to change, this group explores issues pertinent to the group participants who have registered. The agenda is set the first week of meeting and relevant topics are explored throughout the session. This occasionally is offered to people who have completed the St. Luke's Loss, Grief & Life Transition support group (see above).

Loss, Grief & Books to Help You Cope

Our book discussion group encourages learning and reflection for people whose coping style is more cognitive in nature. The book club meets one time per month at Barnes & Noble at the Promenade Shops in Center Valley.

"Walking Through Grief" Support Group

Walking Through Grief focuses on understanding the connection between emotional grief and grief in the body and the importance of releasing related tension and pain. The walk is intended to allow us to emotionally and socially support each other in our grief and to provide an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of gentle exercise as we walk and discuss specific bereavement-related topics that will vary from week to week. Participants need to be able to manage a gentle pace for 30 minutes on paved walking trails.


Community Wellness

St. Luke's Hospice offers educational programs to individuals, businesses and agencies dealing with issues related to grief and change. We welcome inquiries on our educational and support programs to benefit community wellness.

Service of Remembrance

We gather periodically as family members of our patients and as a Hospice staff to remember those who have died. The Service of Remembrance is inter-faith and is offered as a way in which we may take time to reflect, remember and celebrate the lives and the legacies of those who have passed from ours.