Pediatric Services

Care for Children at St. Luke's

Treating thousands of children each year, Pediatric Services at St. Luke's University Hospital – Bethlehem Campus is dedicated to working closely with their patients' families in coordinating care, from admission to discharge from the hospital. The pediatric professional nursing staff is specially trained to be sensitive to the special needs of children with serious illness or injury.

The department is designed to promote and maintain a healthy and safe environment for children and their families, and recently underwent an extensive transformation. The halls are filled with jungle animals of all shapes and sizes, including lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes and chimpanzees, to name a few.

The exotic colors and theme carry through from the giant wildlife wall murals to the new flooring complete with animal inlays. A different animal serves as an entrance marker for each room. The floors are made of rubber, not vinyl. The product is resilient, 100 percent natural and free of chemicals, and is easily maintained. Rubber flooring also absorbs noise better, so the unit is quieter for patients.

Features of the new St. Luke's Pediatric Unit

  • State-of-the-art security system.
  • Playroom close by the nurses' station. This is available to children who are not in isolation. Toys from the playroom may be taken to a child's room.
  • Parent lounge with refrigerator, TV and microwave.
  • Overnight privileges. One parent is invited to stay overnight with younger children.
  • VCRs and DVDs in every room, pediatric library and video games available.
  • Internet access. 

Special Program for Children

Pediatric Pre-Operative Orientation Program – This program prepares families and pediatric patients for surgery. A tour of the Pediatrics Department and information about the operating room and family waiting area are provided. A video presentation and demonstration of hospital equipment helps the child and family become comfortable with the upcoming hospital experience.

For more information, please call the St. Luke's Pediatric Department at 484-526-4430.

St. Luke's Pediatric Hospitalist Service

The pediatric hospitalist service is a dedicated program featuring physicians who specialize in the care of hospitalized children. The pediatric hospitalist serves to rapidly coordinate inpatient care and react in real time throughout the day to clinical data and changes in the medical status, from the most common childhood illnesses to more complex health care needs.

In order to ensure the most appropriate follow-up and post-hospital care, pediatric hospitalists communicate with the primary care providers and subspecialists involved in each child's care. These physicians are also available for consultation for those pediatric patients requiring surgery or observation for injuries related to trauma.