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Welcome to the St. Luke's Cancer Connection newsletter. Our goal is to help you connect with St. Luke's cancer programs and services and introduce you to some of the caregivers from the St. Luke's Cancer Center team.

The November 2014 edition of St. Luke's Cancer Connection is available. In this issue, we’ve captured scenes from the St. Luke’s Blue Ribbon 5K. Plus, get to know two of our survivors and read about their journeys with breast and ovarian cancer; learn strategies that may help reduce the risk of ovarian cancer; read about major advancements in melanoma treatment; gain an understanding of radiation risk when it comes to potentially life-saving CT scans; find out about the special items inside a “Chemo” Bag; and get helpful tips on reducing mealtime stress during cancer treatment.

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Your friends from the St. Luke's Cancer Center Team

November 2014

Janice’s Journey with Ovarian Cancer

Early detection, aggressive treatment and positive attitude help patient beat cancer.

Reducing Your Ovarian Cancer Risk

A “Q and A” with St. Luke’s gynecologic oncologist Dr. Nicholas Taylor.

A Young Mother’s Breast Cancer Story 

Learn about Jesse Keiper’s battle with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Simple Strategies for Reducing Mealtime Stress

Registered dietitian Beth Ciliberti offers tip to eat better during cancer treatment.

Understanding the Radiation Risk from CT Scans 

St. Luke’s radiologist Dr. David Furman explains the real-world implications.

Essentials & Loving Care are Packed into Each Chemo Bag 

Leah Walia’s personal experience turns into a caring gift for others with cancer.

Blue Skies Prevail for St. Luke’s Blue Ribbon 5K 

Check out the scenes from St. Luke’s Blue Ribbon 5K and Family Fun Walk.

Major Advancements for Patients with Melanoma 

Melanoma investigator Dr. Sanjiv Agarwala discusses promising new therapies.

July 2014

St. Luke’s 2014 Cancer Survivors Day

Private event celebrates life and commemorates National Cancer Survivors Day.

A Story of Survivorship and the Desire to Give Back 

Multiple cancer scares prompt Carmel Karch to support Dr. Lee Riley’s cancer research.

A Special Family Celebrates Life Together 

Fund helps cancer patient and her family with insurance expense and provides a special trip.

St. Luke’s Auxiliary Garden at the Anderson Campus 

Garden dedication ceremony commemorated the 140th Anniversary of the Auxiliary.

The Determination to Defeat Pancreatic Cancer

Anthony DeFranco battles back against the disease with his St. Luke’s Cancer Center team.

St. Luke’s Lynch Syndrome Surveillance Program 

When oncologists can truly prevent cancer and save lives.

News About Ovarian Cancer Prevention 

Prophylactic Salpingectomy may help reduce ovarian cancer risk.

Treating GI Cancers with New, Targeted Therapies 

Learn about effective, targeted therapies that produce less toxicity and side effects.

Women’s 5K Classic Recognized for Breast Cancer Efforts 

St. Luke’s Annual Dinner by Starlight Event puts the Women’s 5K Committee in the Spotlight.

St. Luke’s Blue Ribbon 5K & Family Fun Walk 

Sign Up Now – Reserve Your Spot for Sunday, September 28th.

Grassroots Fundraisers Support St. Luke’s Programs 

Proceeds Benefit St. Luke’s Cancer Center and St. Luke’s Regional Breast Center.

April 2014

UPS Driver Delivers more than just Packages 

Throughout her cancer journey, Peggy Sue O'Donnell delivers strength, courage and a smile.

What Nutrition Can do for you During Chemotherapy 

Sound nutritional advice from St. Luke's registered dietitian Beth Ciliberti.

When to Consider Genetic Testing 

St. Luke's Genetic Counselor Andrea Smith discusses when testing should be considered.

An Exciting Time to be a Medical Oncologist 

Dr. Dennis Giangiulio talks about exciting advances in the treatment of cancer.

Multidisciplinary Effort Improves Patient Care  

St. Luke's Brain & Spine Tumor Center provides coordinated, efficient, appropriate care.

St. Luke's Garden Offers a Respite for Cancer Patients 

The beautiful outdoor escape at St. Luke's Anderson Campus to be dedicated May 18.

2014 Boutique at the Rink Fights Cancer with Style 

Treat yourself to something beautiful at this Chic Boutique and support a great cause!

January 2014

Skydiving is a Way of Life for Nuncio Forte of Effort 

After treatment for pancreatic cancer, Nuncio quickly returned to jumping out of airplanes.

Friendship Formed During Hospital Stay Turns into Love 

Shelbi and Shawn share their stories about how they battled illness and found each other.

Integrated Network Cancer Program Status Achieved 

St. Luke's is one of only two healthcare networks in Pennsylvania to earn this distinction.

Not All Blood Disorders are Cancer 

St. Luke's Cancer Center treats patients with malignant and benign blood disorders.

St. Luke's Melanoma Expert Chairs National Symposium 

Dr. Sanjiv Agarwala chairs premier melanoma program for 11th consecutive year.

Get to Know a Face of Cancer Care: Rose Cabral 

Manager of Oncology Integrated Clinical Trials, Rose Cabral always has been passionate about taking care of others.

Get to Know a Face of Cancer Care: Donna Bydlon 

Director of Oncology and Infusion Support Services, Donna Bydlon has been caring for patients with cancer for the past 25 years.

Hope & Healing Series Classes Complement Cancer Care 

Interactive classes offered by the Cancer Support Community at St. Luke’s Cancer Center-Anderson Campus help alleviate stress and improve sense of well-being.

Special Thanks to Our Cancer Fundraising Champions 

2013 efforts help support the meaningful work of the St. Luke's Cancer Center.


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